We believe art fairs are fun. We bring together artists, dealers, collectors, curators, critics, patrons, and other advocates of the visual arts,  at the same time, all in one place. Let’s celebrate this occasion. Let’s understand together the imperceptible power pervading the world: Art. On a human scale, ESTE ARTE offer collectors a privileged relation to a selected group of leading art galleries.

Join us in Punta del Este to participate to an engaging COLLECTORS and VIP art agenda. Join us to admire never-seen colors and shapes and discover distinctive flavors. Walk with us around the fair. Make the most of this experience in Uruguay taking some of it back home. For January 2017, we have planned our third edition with an unique program that includes visits to artists’ studios and private collectors homes, exhibition openings, cocktails and memorable parties.

Wild expectations
JANUARY 2018 | 10am – 9pm (all included)

Cabo Polonio

We embark on a tour of the wild landscapes of Uruguay. We navigate a lagoon, we enter magical ancient forests and sightings of its local fauna. We cross a dune field to reach the ocean and discover community of sea lions and the enchanted Cabo Polonio.

Departure: Manantiales, 10 am
Transfer Duration: 1h 30 min
Laura and Monte Visit Duration:  3 hrs
Pic-Nic Lunch:  1 pm
Cabo Polonio Visit Duration: 4 hrs
Arriving: Manantiales, 9pm
For costs and reservations please contact us at:

Modernism in the countryside
JANUARY 2018 | 10am – 5pm (all included)


We will begins trip at the 1900 beach resort commissioned by Francisco Piria, the main South American at the time. We discover its particular urban design of tree of life, monuments, temples, and a thousand symbolic trails. Continue to two other modern temples in the vicinity of Piriápolis, the working Christ of Dieste and Susana Soca by Bonet. Structural traces of a masterful modernism in the national splendor of the last century. A trip to the beginnings and glimpses of life on the beach, first spas, mystical designs and constructivist avant-gardes

Departure: Manantiales, 10 am
Transfer Duration: 50 min
Piriápolis Visit Duration:  2 hrs
Lunch:  1pm
Dieste and Soca Visit Duration: 2 hrs
Arriving: Manantiales, 5pm
For costs and reservations please contact us at:

Signature vineyards
JANUARY, 2018 | 10am – 5pm (all included)

Bodegas Mataojo

We visit from the hand of its entrepreneurs two new boutique wineries of high quality. We taste its variety of wines and enjoy wide horizons from its lands and from beautiful scenic routes on the way: Coastal Sierras, Aguas Blancas and the field between lagoons.

Departure: Manantiales, 10 am
Transfer Duration: 50 min
Sierra Oriental Wine Cellar Visit Duration:  1 hrs
Lunch:  1pm
Mataojo Cellar Visit Duration: 2 hrs
Arriving: Manantiales, 5pm
For costs and reservations please contact us at:

Dreaming Montevideo
JANUARY 2018 | 10am – 5pm (all included)

We visit Montevideo, Uruguay´s Capital City to explore its National Museum of Visual Arts, as well as the Torres García Museum and the Gurvich Museum, both acclaimed artists known  beyond the region. Enjoy a great lunch at the Mercado del Puerto. And finish the day with a studio visit to one of the most prominent uruguay artist.
Departure: Manantiales, 9:30 am
Transfer Duration: 1hour 30 min
Montevideo Visit Duration:  6 hours 30 minutes
Lunch:  1pm
Arriving: Manantiales, 7:00 pm
For costs and reservations please contact us at: