ESTE ARTE is intended for international galleries and professional offices focused in contemporary art, but it is also available to specialized publishers and cultural institutions. There is no unique format; each gallery manages its own space. Each gallery presents a show specially tailored for the occasion. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, installations and video. The selected exhibitors are chosen based, on their submitted proposal and general program, on the following criteria:
• Quality and significance of artworks at the submitted proposal;
• General program and influence within the arts scene;
• Gallery’s artists in relevant collections;
• Gallery’s artists and artworks in shows at institutions;
• International art fairs gallery participation;
• Gallery’s media recognition.

The selection process aims at guarantee the highest quality of the participating galleries and the overall curatorial concept. The Selection Committee assess the applications and has the responsibility to decide about the participating galleries. Selection Committee Members are invited to participate, on a honorary basis, as recognition of their careers, experience and moral quality.

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